RAAS - Rethinking Autonomy and Safety

The leading interdisciplinary ecosystem and service platform for autonomous systems R&D

Do you want to be a forerunner in autonomous systems, gaining new business opportunities?

Then, RAAS is your one-stop shop research & development environment for innovative autonomous solutions and services development!

RAAS brings you:

  • Easy access to world-class scientific knowledge and expertise
  • First-rate R&D services for autonomous systems
  • A national and international network of top experts
  • Inclusive support for autonomous systems testbed development

RAAS Focus Application Fields

In the following autonomous systems application areas, we see manifold possibilities for advancing your business:

Marine transport and port operations

Marine transport and port operations
Fluent door-to-door supply chains enabled by autonomous operations

Inter-Urban transport

Inter-urban transport
Safe and fluent traffic with autonomous highway, air and rail solutions

Unmanned air, water, land and space systems

Unmanned air, water, land and space systems
Novel solutions for efficient asset, logistics and security management

Mobile machinery

Mobile machinery
Sustainable productivity in harvesting natural resources through remote-controlled and autonomous systems

Urban transport

Urban transport
Quick and easy-to-use door-to-door mobility enabled by highly automated chains of various means of transport

Rural transport

Rural transport
Automated and combined people and goods transport service solutions

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