Why autonomous systems?

Autonomous systems provide your organization with greater efficiency, safety of operations and new business opportunities.

Autonomous systems enable, for example:

  • Seamless logistics chains through supply-chain optimization
  • Transfer of workers out of hazardous areas
  • Reduced energy consumption with less environmental impacts
  • New business opportunities with data-based operations and AI

In RAAS, autonomous systems include also semi-autonomous, intelligent assistance, and remotely-operated automated systems.

Why Autonomous system


The principal target of the RAAS alliance is to advance research on autonomous transport and logistics in global markets.

Our core ambition is to develop and unite world-class excellence in autonomous systems for the benefit of companies and the society.

  • RAAS Living Lab test activities are easily accessible internationally
  • We are open for all top autonomous systems researchers
What is the target of RAAS

Is RAAS For You?

If your organization targets taking a lead in autonomous systems development while gaining new business opportunities, then RAAS is aimed at you.

Are you a system provider or autonomous systems user in maritime, land transport, drones, mobile work machines, or other domains?

  • Then, RAAS is a one-stop shop for your autonomous systems R&D
  • The RAAS alliance includes Research Task Forces aimed at matching the best available talent with your needs