Materials and news from the Race of Drones and related AI & Robotics business event held in March 2020

Race of Drones (ROD) Oulu brought the international drone World Cup to the Arctic zone of Finland for the second time. ROD took place on the 13th of March 2020 in the Oulu Hall. The event was a success, considering the restrictions posed by the societal circumstances from COVID-19 at that point.

RAAS sees drones to include promising autonomous technologies for the future. We are working with our partners on making autonomous drones a reality in various industry sectors.

At the same day as the ROD event, the Arctic Robotic Challenge AI & Robotics Business event was organised, which included a wide variety of presentations and networking activities from the relevant actors in the autonomous systems community. Videos from the business event can be found at our partner’s Arctic Drone Lab’s Facebook page.